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Friday Randomness (July 18th)

Good morning! I have several random things to share today, so welcome to my scattered thoughts. ;) I announced the winners of the Wet Bags *Giveaway* on my Facebook page a little while ago, so head on over to see if you WON! I am working on my blog right now! :D Looking into changing themes/designs, … Continue reading

Longer than a Hiatus

I love blogging. Pretty sure most of you already knew that. ;) I love it far more than any hobby (if you can call it that) that I have ever done long-term. It has connected me with some truly amazing people, allowed me to learn and to teach, and finally, it has been a place for me to express myself both in words … Continue reading

A *Giveaway* for (Thick) Hair

A *Giveaway* for (Thick) Hair

I took the kids to our local marketplace one Saturday in September. People had stands and were selling their homemade things and home-grown food. It was a lot of fun browsing and buying. While we were there, I met a very crafty lady named Catherine. She was selling her lovely crocheted things, such as scarves, scrunchies, pot holders and hats. Now, the scrunchies … Continue reading