Homeschoolers :)

On vacation in 2010 (in the middle of the school year!!!) – Nice perk of homeschooling. ;)

We are a homeschooling family. We enjoy a pretty simple way of life. I plan our studies based on units I feel are important to cover, not on a textbook or someone else’s boxed curriculum. I am finding that I must have had a poor excuse for an education because I am learning right alongside my kids! How did I not know what happened during the American Revolution, for goodness sake?!

Anyway, we have homeschooled since our daughter was old enough to be attending school and she is now 13 years old. She is in 8th grade, though she does many grades, really, depending on the subject. Our son is 10 years old and is doing mostly 4th grade work. I am constantly adjusting our routine based on the needs of our changing family! I had our third child in September of 2011, so we now have a two year old to entertain during school hours (well, ALL hours really!)

Here are some of the posts I’ve shared on homeschooling:

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And you can check out my teaching blog here: Atlanta Mom of Three Teaches

Updated March 2014

26 thoughts on “Homeschoolers :)

  1. Thanks for visiting my Journal Jots blog and liking the post “Listen to God’s Heart.” Thanks also for commenting and following the blog. Looks like you’re doing a great job with your home- schooling. May God continue to bless you in it.

  2. That’s awesome! I was homeschooled for the majority of my schooling and I certainly encourage it. I don’t remember learning much from books or curriculum, but I remember learning history because my father loves and spoke about history quite a bit. I learned about English because my mother was a substitute English teacher and would correct me when I used grammar improperly. I think kids pick up on what they are around. If you want your kid to learn, learn yourself, and talk about what you’re all learning. Education.

    • It’s truly a lifestyle, and we love it! Check out your library or bookstore; you will see there are lots and lots of books that have been written for just when you’re starting out (or just thinking about it). I wouldn’t peruse websites, though, because then you may very well have information overload! O_O Pick a book or two. That’s my advice. :)

    • Yes, since we school year round (only taking July off) we have so much flexibility in our schedule. We can base vacations on my husband’s work and the seasons. :D We love it!

      • I would love to homeschool, but I’m nervous about how well I can do and how I will manage with more than one child.

        My goal is to get each child to at least grade 8. I’ve already been doing research! Sometimes this goes hand in hand, so I’m just wondering, are your kids also vaccine free?

      • Having more than one child while homeschooling offers challenges and blessings, for sure! Depends on the age differences of the kids too. Older kids can help younger ones, or close-in-age kids can play more together and learn more together, etc.
        My daughter is currently in 7th grade and has no interest in attending high school, so I know we’ll be graduating her, but she wants to go to college and become a writer (she already writes books!) once she graduates. Colleges love homeschoolers, btw. ;)
        No, we decided to vaccinate even though we could have easily skipped it. There were many reasons we chose to do it, but we’ve spread them out and skipped certain ones that we didn’t feel comfortable or necessary. It’s not all or nothing with vaccines; you CAN say no to some and not others! And you can say wait if they are pushing to make you do more than you want at one time. We declined having our youngest vaccinated at birth (Hep B) and got it, instead, at his one month check-up. I didn’t liek the idea of “Welcome to world, here’s a needle!” :( So we said no!

      • Good to know that colleges love homeschoolers. I’m from Canada, so I’m not sure if it’s different here. I didn’t do well in school, and I really don’t think the school environment is the best way to learn, especially when your child is young.
        I’m glad to hear that you only said no to some. My boyfriend is against pretty much all vaccination. But I really want to do my research and make sure that we get the ones that aren’t dangerous and are more important.
        In Canada though it’s near impossible to find a vaccine free doctor. Every doctor seems to be a vaccine pusher!

      • I agree, school is not usually the best way to learn. For one thing, it’s too many hours each day! Kids need to play too, for goodness sake! And how they teach (textbooks and lectures) don’t work for the majority of students. I have really enjoyed finding what works for our kids. And I promise you, I am learning as much as they are when it comes to world studies, history, and science! :D

  3. Oh, that is great! I was homeschooled. I graduated at the ripe ol’ age of 15, scoring in the top 1% of graduating students nationwide on my SATs. I loved being homeschooled! We are homeschooling our little ones, but our oldest is only a preschooler thus far. We aren’t sure if we will homeschool all the way through yet or not, but our goal is to homeschool at least until highschool. It’s definitely a lifestyle, and not for everyone. It’s a wonderful alternative to traditional education when it really works for a family, though! :)

    Oh, and I also live in Georgia. :)

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. I love the heart you have for your children and your family. Homeschooling is a huge responsibility, but also an incredible privilege. I’m trying to keep both emotions in balance as we move forward in our first year. I appreciate your insight and experience! Definitely looking forward to learning more from your blog.

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