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Featured Postcard ~ Barcelona, Spain

Featured Postcard ~ Barcelona, Spain

This beautiful postcard came to us all the way from Barcelona, Spain!! Zoe of So Many Right Ways joined in on the postcard exchange and I’m so glad she did! I would love to visit Spain someday. A lovely, historical, cultural, amazing place!! Her blog, So Many Right Ways is a great one. She talks … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ Charleston, South Carolina

A beautiful postcard came to us from Charleston, South Carolina the other day! My friend, Franchesca, of Life Can Baby sent it as part of the Postcard Exchange. :) Charleston sounds like just the place to go to find out more about the history of our country – specifically, the Civil War. I hope to visit … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ Philippines

We received this interesting postcard in the mail last weekend because of the Postcard Exchange. It came all the way from the Philippines, from my friend Jhanis of Fascinations of the Vanilla Housewife! The vehicle shown above is their public transportation which she says she uses daily to get her everywhere. What a sight! I’m trying to … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ Atlantic City, New Jersey

My friend, Christie, of Long Live Go, picked up a fun postcard for us while she was in Atlantic City, NJ! I would love to visit, as it always makes me think of the movie, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken! ;) Love that one! Her blog, Long Live Go, is a place she shares her daily adventures with her two-year old son, … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ Greenville, South Carolina

A homeschooling family, in the neighboring state of South Carolina, joined in the Postcard Exchange and sent us this neat postcard! I’ve never been to the state, but we hope to someday. :) Their blog, SC Homeschool Mama, is full of homeschooling tips and how they stay organized. Check it out for great ideas! Thanks so much, Carie … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ New South Wales, Australia

Last weekend we received another beautiful postcard in the mail as part of the Postcard Exchange! This one came all the way from New South Wales, Australia from my lovely friend, Rachael of Mummy Flying Solo. Such a breathtaking place! Look at the ocean and rivers; I love the color of the water! And she added a cute little arrow and … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ Oregon

We received another postcard in the mail this week from a friend who joined in on the Postcard Exchange! This one is all the way from Oregon. :D I would love to visit someday! The postcard is an illustrated map, showing history as well as many wonderful things that the state has to offer. (Unfortunately, it appears that a piece of tape must … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ Montreal, Canada

We got another special postcard in the mail this week! This one came from my friend, Sophie, all the way from Quebéc, Canada. :) This postcard came as a result of the Postcard Exchange. It shows the culturally rich city of Montréal; Sophie shared that it is always a cool experience to visit because you never know what you might see or what language you might hear spoken! … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ Pensacola, Florida

My lovely friend, Joyce, sent us an awesomely vintage postcard last week from Pensacola, Florida! She sent it as part of the Postcard Exchange (yes, you can still join in! ;) ) The postcard shows a U.S. Naval Air Station. I LOVE the little buidings, trees and boats! Thank you, Joyce! I appreciate that you found us a … Continue reading

Featured Postcard ~ England

Around the same time as we got the Disney World postcard, we also got one from England! My friend, Sarah, lives in Poland but she was visiting her family in England and she sent a postcard as part of the Postcard Exchange! The postcard is of The Wheel of Weston in Somerset. It rises to over 130 feet high and holds 240 people. :) If I wasn’t scared of heights, … Continue reading