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Being a wife and mother have been the most unexpected blessings of my life! As a wife, I get to bask in the giving and receiving of affection, love and care of my sweet husband. As a mother, I get to enjoy teaching and learning, laughing and playing with our three children every day.

Both roles were unexpected because I had no plans of marriage or children, but the Lord knew better! He knew I’d become the wife He wants me to be and that my husband I and would both be happy and in love after 16 years. He also knew I’d adore being barefoot and pregnant, figure out that natural childbirth is the way to go, cherish breastfeeding, and find pleasure in teaching our little ones at home.

I am thankful that my life turned out to be so very different than what I would have planned.


Our oldest is Maggie. She is fourteen years old and such a sweetheart! She is thoughtful and giving – always thinking about what she can do for others. She is our avid reader and writer, and hopes to be a published author someday.

Joshua is our middle child and is ten years old. He is the definition of BOY. I love how much energy and adventure he has in him! He enjoys games, anything physical like biking and sports, and snuggling on the couch with us.

Samuel is the baby of the family (for now!) at 2 years old, born in September of 2011. He is cuddly and stubborn and sweet as can be! ;)


I hope you find Atlanta Mom of Three easy to navigate and an enjoyable place to learn & share information, find motivation, and have your creativity sparked.

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Updated July 2014

149 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just found your site and think it’s great! I’m a new blogger and I look up to those who have been doing it for a while. When did you start? I blog about being a “someday mom”… which means I am always looking for advice on this new territory! Like you, I didn’t want to become a wife or a mom… but God had other plans. I am LOVING being a wife and look forward (with some trepidation) to motherhood. Thanks! God bless you!

    • Thank you. :)
      I started in Feb 2012 but only posted a few updates on our baby (at the time!)…then I got serious in Sept. It’s been a regular, awesome thing ever since!
      Congratulations on your marriage and I hope the best for you both! <3

  2. And I’m pretty sure you nominated me for an award, but I can’t find it!! If you did, I’m sorry I lost it but it is treasured none-the-less!!

  3. I can’t believe I wasn’t following you, but I couldn’t find your blog on my list! Anyway, congrats on figuring out Zemanta and I’m nominating you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award. My post should be up later today. I’ve been working on it the whole time I was talking to you. ;)

  4. Thanks for reading my blog, I am new at this and it is an interesting ride figuring this out. I really appreciate how open you are. I am not sure how much I will be discussing my own personal experience with trying to conceive. However, I am liking using blogs as a tool not to feel so alone on the TTC journey.

    • You’re welcome! :)
      I feel like writing about ttc every darn day, but I don’t because I’m sure it wouldn’t help me to be content with what the Lord has for us (nor would my readers be likely to enjoy my complaining!!) haha
      Have you used the Reader on WordPress yet? You can look up any topic you like, and anyone who tagged their post with that word will show up. I had looked up “motherhood” and found yours. :)

  5. Hey! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. Check over at my blog for details. I know that Tara from Working Mum Assistant nominated you too (as she did me) so sorry for the double up but I just couldn’t leave you off my list as I am really loving your blog at the moment. Thanks for making it great! :-)

  6. Thanks for randomly commenting on one of my posts because I think I have found my fav blog!! Your blog is awesome and VERY easy to navigate. Loving it.

    • Aww, thank you! That is SO nice of you to say!! :D I loved going through your posts last night too! I think we have a lot of interests in common. xo

  7. Hello Valerie! I found you from Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife, she said such lovely things about you that I just had to come and visit you! I can see why! As one mum of three to another, I love that you have so much love in your life with your husband and your children. Cherish every single moment! I adored my life with my children as a young mum and I adore the ‘friendship’ I have with them now as adults, but they are still my ‘babies’ and forever will be! You are so right, you just never know what the Lord has in mind. Unfortunately, for me, the ‘happy ever after’ husband bit didn’t work out but the one thing that turned out right was having my three children! Blessings to you sweet lady… :-)

    • I enjoyed finding you. :) I was *supposed* to join in on Suzie’s link party on Sunday but I didn’t get around to it until yesterday. That’s how I found your post! I am hosting the same kind of party every Friday so you are definitely invited to come, if you want!

  8. Hey Val! Just wanted to post and say thank you so much for always keeping up with me. Though I don’t visit your blog half as much as I wish I could (do to school and working!) I always find great articles when I come. I appreciate your continual participation on my page and interest in what is happening in my life! :) I am looking for some advice on expanding my blog and was wondering if you may have an email address where I could ask you a few questions about how to go about it? I have read books on blogging and have created one, made my .com url, etc but I would also like to do a few other things. Can explain through email :) Thanks again!

  9. Amen sister! Looks like we’ve traveled a similar road :) Guess what? My oldest is now married and planning her natural birth and talking with me about breastfeeding. Amazing! So glad to have met via Maggie May. I look forward to reading more from you ❤

  10. Hi Valerie! I was wondering… do you have any posts about being a gentle Christian mama? My cousin is questioning the Christian view that corporal punishment is necessary and she asked me for help. Thanks!

    • Well, the (and counting…) is more of a we’re-wanting-to-expand-our-family kind of thing, not an announcement, but HOPEFULLY it’ll be soon that I’ll have a pregnancy announcement to make! ;)
      And thank you so much for the award nomination. :D

  11. Hi…thank you for stopping by my site! I enjoyed looking around your site. it is very nicely done and well organized…and good stuff to read too! I look forward to peeking around more. I love being a stay-at-home momma too and feel very blessed to be able to do so.

  12. I just love your blog!! Would it be rude to of me to ask how old you are? Well, did it anyway. ;) Just curious as you have a two year old and I think you are my age, but not sure.

  13. I must say, pregnancy was one of my favorite things (even though I did complain now and then), the connection that you have with the baby is just magical. Thank you for sharing this :)

  14. Your photo is awesome. Love reading your blog. I really admire how you’ve chosen to teach your family at home, and really appreciate your tips for novice bloggers in many of your posts. Because of your experience, tips, and your experience as a mom, it feels like you’re a Mommy Blogger Guru; someone to look up to!

    • Thank you, Alana! XO What a sweet comment! I enjoy teaching and encouraging and I think it has shown up in the way I blog. ;) I really love your blog too!

  15. Hi Valerie, thanks for your comment. I think it’s funny you found me…I’m from ATL but have been living in the Middle East for the past 6 years. Lately it seems as if everything is calling me home.

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