Reaching More People (One Month In)


One month ago, Atlanta Mom of Three was accepted on Top Mommy Blogs! In that month, a number of new visitors have come to my blog because of it. Your votes have helped rate my blog and boost it up so that people searching TMB see it more often.

What Is Top Mommy Blogs?

Top Mommy Blogs is the ultimate human edited mommy blog directory. It’s a directory of not just blogs, but mommy blogs.

While lots of blogs may be geared towards a female audience or moms in particular, our goal is to have a momcentric niche directory where you can read about the daily lives of moms from dozens of different angles or topics. It’s a fun, fantastic and FREE resource that helps you build your blogs audience if you are a mommy blogger, discover great new mommy blogs and connect with other mommy bloggers.

The Top Mommy Blogs Directory is a ranked (by monthly referrals) reciprocal link directory & traffic exchange program just for mom blogs. Blogs are ranked by popularity (popularity = incoming unique hits that are averaged over 30 days). TMB also has a cool community area, called The TMB Lounge, where you can chat with other mommy bloggers about blogging, chat about marketing your blog, read other members questions about the TMB directory and tons more.

Right now, my blog is ranked #34 overall!! Thank you so much!

I would love to get in the top #25 and YOU can help! Just click to vote once per day. I know it seems like it would be something you only vote once for, but it’s not – Please vote again today! :D When you click, you will be taken to the Top Mommy Blog website but you can then exit immediately (or stick around and browse or add YOUR BLOG!) – you don’t have to do anything because just clicking the link is a vote for Atlanta Mom of Three. :)

So, please vote if you have been blessed, encouraged, motivated or have otherwise enjoyed my blog. ♥ ♥ Also, please let me know if you are on TMB so I can come by your blog and vote for you!! Not a member yet? You can sign up today! :D

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32 thoughts on “Reaching More People (One Month In)

  1. great work and of course, I always click the link :) I’m curious about doing this or maybe a facebook page but can’t decide which one or both. Do either add a load of extra work to your blogging? I want to remain authentic to my original goal with blogging but would love more traffic and spreading any helpful words to readers.

    • Thank you!
      FB adds about 5 minutes per blog post because I grab the link and share it on there. ;) And while I’m there I LIKE people’s activity, but I don’t do anything else so it doesn’t take a bbunch of time.
      TMB doesn’t take any time at all unless you count this post and the other one I did a month ago. TMB keeps up with everything for you (your recent posts, your current vote count, etc). I do talk about voting occasionally, but that doesn’t take extra time. I wouldn’t do it if I felt like I was changing the feel of my blog. I don’t care for blogs full of ads and whatnot, but this actually helps others find my blog, so I think it’s worth it. :)
      You can take a look at how my page on TMB looks to get an idea what yours would look like: You can choose which category you want to be in, the image you want to represent your blog, etc. Let me know if you have any questions! I’ve really enjoyed adding this element to blogging.

  2. Congrats on doing so well! I vote for you every day (and not because you vote for me) LOL I really love your blog and I am excited to be able to share it with others, I am especially excited because I will be transitioning from full time worker bee to part time worker to mostly full time mom and you always have amazing food ideas as well as mommy ideas as well!

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